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My parents were so happy last night after their move. Thank you for making sure it felt like home for them. If you ever need a reference don’t hesitate to contact me. Everything you guys did made them feel special. Hope you get some rest today.”
— A Delighted Customer, Erie, PA
I was referred to Marian from one of the companies she often helps. My mother, Carol, was given less than one week notice to find a senior living arrangement during the holiday season. Marian coordinated and executed the move in only 3 days. We were nervous about pulling off a complex move with my mom living in Erie, PA and us in Maryland. The initial free consultation took less than an hour where Marian explained her services and completed the walkthrough. Everything from her contracts to her explanation of the services provided was clear. Her calm and passionate approach to her clients was clear in our short interaction with her that first day. During the walkthrough, she recommended what should be moved, as we didn’t have my Mom available to help decide. She then visited the property to ensure everything would fit.

Marian planned, sorted, packed, and organized the move, beginning at 4 pm the day we met her. She kept in constant contact throughout the process. The day of the move, she coordinated all the activities including the movers, facility and continued to keep us in the loop. Afterward, she staged and settled my Mom in the unit and made sure everything was put away in a place that made sense. My Mom was initially uneasy during this transition but Marian kept everything calm and under control. Mom became very happy during this stressful day because of Marian.

After the move, she maintained contact and took care of the loose ends that arose because of the very quick turnaround of the job. I would recommend Marian and her organization to any potential clients and would be willing to endorse her in any way needed.”
— Joseph King, Columbia, MD
I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Marian Taylor. Ms. Taylor and her company relocated my elderly parents twice within the span of two months. As a consequence of my Mom’s advancing illness, it was no longer possible for her and my Father to remain in their home. With considerable reluctance, they agreed to move to an assisted living facility, who had recommended Ms. Taylor’s company. She was referred to as someone who could help, plan and execute the move. This was not going to be your typical “pack everything up, put it on a truck and unload it at the new house” kind of move. The apartment my parents were moving to was much smaller than the house they had lived in for 15 years. This was going to require my parents to downsize their possessions and valuables. Marian had scoped out the new apartment in advance to assess how much space there was for furniture, artwork, kitchen implements, clothing, and storage. She and her team then took my parents through a systematic, no-stress process of selecting the things that they would take with them. She arranged for the movers and loaded any valuables into her van. At the apartment, the team set to work arranging furniture in a way that would look and feel familiar to my parents. They unpacked everything and put it in its place. Clothes in dressers, kitchen items in cupboards, and mementos in a way that would look familiar. Once they completed their work, I brought my parents to the apartment. We were all amazed by what we found...a ready to live in domicile. My parents settled in their chairs and felt at home. With my parents settled, I turned to the task of disposing of the possessions that were left behind. Marian’s team culled through the clothing and packed those items that were in good condition, took them to a local charity and disposed of the rest. She referred me to a company that organized and conducted a sale of the furniture, kitchen utensils, dinnerware, artwork, tools, etc., and then handled the disposal of the remainder. Unfortunately, within two months of the move, my Mother’s deteriorating condition required we move my parents to another assisted living facility that could provide the level of care she needed. I called Marian for help and she and her team took care of everything on a fairly short notice. I could not have done this without Marian’s assistance. I am my parent’s only child and don’t live in the area. All the work of moving them fell to me. With Marian’s help, that move was a seamless exercise and spared all of us a great deal of worry. I can’t say enough good things about Marian and her services. She is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances.” Sincerely, Will Ferretti
— Will Ferretti, Erie, PA

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