Spring Cleaning: How to Make It Simple

Spring Cleaning: How to Make It Simple

Spring, is that you?

Spring officially started on March 20th.  With the start of spring, you might be thinking about downsizing or even moving to a smaller home.  With those thoughts, often come the thoughts of all the “stuff” that has accumulated in your house over the years.  If you are married, then you probably have double the stuff!  If you have children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, your stuff may have multiplied numerous times right before your eyes!

As a Senior Move Manager and Moving Coordinator, I get asked over and over again, “What exactly do you do?”  My company, Simple Solutions for Living helps people plan and manage a move.  We sort, pack, move, and unpack your “stuff.”  Our typical client has lived in their home 40+ years and we help with the decision-making process that determines what lifetime possessions to keep and what options you have for the rest.  We also work with you and your realtor to get your house (if you are selling) buyer or market ready.  We offer recommendations and resources to prepare your home to sell.  One recent client was moving into an apartment and had a home to sell.  By recommending small repairs such as painting, repairing a faucet, cleaning walls, windows and carpet, and re-positioning the furniture, the house sold very quickly once on the market!

In addition to a full move, we can work with you to clear clutter at your current home so that you can move around safely and easily.  We understand the physical and emotional aspect of downsizing and we are here to help.

The hardest decision is making the initial decision to move.  By leaving the rest up to Simple Solutions for Living, you will find the moving experience isn’t so bad after all!  Contact Marian Taylor of Simple Solutions for Living for a free estimate.

Marian Taylor, Senior Relocation Specialist, Owner of Simple Solutions for Living, and proud member of National Association of Senior Move Managers.  Simple Solutions for Living provides clients with a personalized one-on-one experience, hands-on help, and knowledgeable guidance in right-sizing, organizing, packing, unpacking, preparing home for sale, and stress-free moving.  To find out how Simple Solutions for Living can help you with your project, please contact Marian Taylor at 814-449-5309, email simplesolutionsforliving@gmail.com or visit http://www.simplesolutionsforliving.com

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