Marian Taylor

Is it time to Downsize?

Marian Taylor
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Have you...

reached that time in your life when you suddenly look around and realize the home you are in has become a burden? 

Chances are you are living in the house you raised your family.  You love your house, it is filled with memories but bottom line, it is too difficult to maintain.  Is it time to downsize or rightsize into a new home or apartment? The reasons are endless from retirement, loss of a spouse, health problems or just to eliminate the maintenance a home requires. Maybe you are watching your parents struggle with maintaining their own home or health problems. Here are some things to ask when deciding if it is time to downsize or move to an assisted care facility. 


Perhaps retirement, empty nesting or a need to just have fun is making you think it is time to move on.  You want to eliminate the overhead and constant upkeep a larger home may require.  As Cyndi Lauper says, “Seniors, just wanna have fun.”  If this is you, it might be time to put that house on the market and bring in a Senior Move Manager to help you decide what to do with years of accumulation. We can help you with all the details from editing, selling the things you no longer want/need, connecting you with a Realtor and so much more. 


As we age, this becomes one of the primary reasons for moving. Perhaps you can no longer climb the stairs or simply handle the day to day maintenance of home owning.  Maybe your health has declined enough that you need to move to an assisted living facility or closer to family members. Look at the big picture by not only considering short-term options but also your potential needs in the coming years.  This may help you make smart decisions about your new residence.


We all need people in our lives. Perhaps you have lost a spouse or your health doesn't allow you to socialize the way you once did. Especially if your family lives out of town, it is easy to become lonely.  Maybe it's time to consider moving closer to family or friends.  If that isn't an option, consider taking advantage of one of the many fine senior living complexes which will allow you to live fully independently or with assistance, based on your needs.   Check out the social and recreational offerings a facility offers to see if a move can help lift the loneliness.